2013 Without a pain, video installation

bez bola 1

bez bola 2https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Np1QZ4OaBlE

This is video about narrowness.

Stacked to the computer I am sitting and typing.

Narrowness becomes from the contemporary impossibility of speeding up certain questions.

Pepper-corn is range by coincidence and then on purpose in a form of a circle from which the exit is appearing. The time that is needed to pass to go around the circle and get to the exit is uncertain and narrowness and pain are increasing. Those pepper-corn aligned on the surface of the table are creating shadowy spots and after that symbol of closure, circulate motion and exit.

This work is made in an expectation of coming to the line that denotes an exit.

The other four videos are made with the different material that is also found accidentally or is being taken sporadically. Video works that have been made are addressing to narrowness and making an order. Pencils are changing queue and arrangement. Scotch tape is being unstuck, over and over while pins are captured from many angles and from all sides. Inactivity! Waiting!

Spin from the fifth video is not moving but waiting for the moment in which someone is going to turn it around and in which it is going from the static state to its “perpetum mobile” state.

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