2008 Where are we looking from, video installation



An artwork “Where are we looking from” is ambient interactive video installation. With this work, I am questioning our position in society. I am moving it in a social context of the region in which we are living.

I am also questioning the matter of change that would exist in another society.

The change would be inevitable.

Change of society and being moved away is influencing how we see ourselves and the world around us. The new angle and new thought are appearing.

We are always present inside ourselves; all our thoughts are traveling with us.

“Are we satisfied with ourselves?” is a crucial question. Is our satisfaction changing relating to the field from which we are observing related to the reflection that we see? Is our reflection changing on another field?

Bringing in security cameras context of the work is expanding to political. In the time of globalization, mass culture and mass media, when the society is convincing us in safety by having a control and overview of everything.

Are we really safe? Are we sure in ourselves and in people around us?

We are losing freedom and trust, gaining our reflection in the screens of window-shops, or at the reception desks, an eye on us.

Where are we looking from and from where are we being watched

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