2015 The Pavillion “Birds and Sounds”



The Pavillion “Birds and Sounds”,

Author’s project is an architectural sculptural character and is predicted to creative work, exhibiting and for rest.
Its transparency and simplicity are giving a feeling of freedom and easiness of creating to the one that is inside. The transparency of the working process of the inside is underlined.
A title bird and a sound indicating the feeling of unrestricted freedom and the sound of happiness and creating. That is a place for a bird and a place where she is safe and undisturbed. The sound is created from the process of work, creation, and joy.

The compound of the object with its natural elements is giving the look of fragility and by that is showing that it is not destructing the nature that is around but is one with her by reflecting it in its glasses.

Nature is an inseparable part of the pavilion and it is becoming something that is giving freshens in the summer and a shade and undisturbed relation with nature during the winter.
Hedera helix is descending from the mid part of the pavilion and is decorating it in a particular way.
The pavilion is made for making and selling the souvenirs and as an exhibition space.
One of the cuboids that are placed on a side is meant to be a locker for materials and another is meant to be a toilet. So the object has the utilitarian and artistic side. This is an unrealized project.


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