2007 Reflective image, installation

Reflective image1



Reflective image 4


Reflective image


Project Reflective image is an architectural ambient installation that is meant to be situated in an open space. As a painter, while I was searching through the new views and new dimensions in painting I was engaged with ambient installations as well.

Ambient installation Reflective image consists of plants and glass, its structure is made of steeled profiles. It has a surface of the glass (with a mirror effect) that is reflecting constant changes of nature and showing new ways of observing.

This object is referring to distance and difference between imaginary and real.

Inside an object, observers are supposed to feel that they are in a part of the nature thanks to the daylight that is coming through the glass. They have a real/imaginary picture of themselves and surrounding. They are moving between nature, object and themselves.

Plants are like people, they are growing, changing and disappearing. Man and nature exist in the symbiosis, in a circulating system of nature.

This installation is showing that art is nature, that nature is art, that life is art and art is life.

This is an unrealized project.


Author: Maja Beganovic

Project assistant: Lejla Arnautovic

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