2010 The Orientation, video, 20′


Adaptability (managing) in nature is one of the most important human characteristics. One has his/her own standards and principles that he/she makes according to his/her opinion and understanding and formed criterions.

He is deciding consciously, rationally, and knowingly on which side to get going, and what is to be done.

Though, sometimes he/she needs a guide, compass, aid to pervade through regions in which managing is difficult. As an aid, we use light, sound, plants, buildings.

We orientate ourselves in a relation to natural elements and in a relation to elements of the urban surrounding.

Orientation is important for a man. It gives a sense of safety and stability.

To orientate means to draw coordinates in a map of someone’s mind. Not to ask for more than we can do.

When we have a complete orientation we know where we should be going. We know how to continue.

We are not afraid. In order to orientate we have to be peaceful within ourselves and calm.

And we need love for that. When we have it we can be located in every moment and on every place and have orientation and focus on a goal.

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