2012, Nothing, drawings


A line that represents a thing is not just a gesture. A gesture that is following one straight, squarish, oval thought, one circle from which I do not get out.

Putting lines one after another, I am trying to sort things, and to sort them out.

A line is drawing, drawing is a thing an object.

“Whose curse is bigger? On that long road I did not leave you, nor did you leave me. Although we would be separating from each other more often than great friends usually do.

Words would break in a broken language, some letters were redundant, and then all those words entered our speech and became a habit.

There was no house. The water became unclear and the consciousness burned…

“You know, both sides need to take share part of the responsibility.” It is very true. Another history will be written and it will be as he said. I cannot imagine a greater happiness. I think it is worth every minute. There are many different destinies and there is always a right of choice.

The way depends on the ’ready made’ – our fathers, mothers, regions in which we are born. The main principles of life are goodness, love, and peace.

Two parallel realities existed together. One was covered by fear and the other one was captured by the rational side.

What will be, will be, as they say. Some stories connect and some remain unspoken…

The feeling was fading away, as someone who does not know you pass by you.

Anger was increasing. How to let something like that happen?

Make me some light but let there be no pain!

Nothing, absolutely nothing – nothingness, annulment. Nothing.

This life is nothing and I need nothing.

This text was meant to describe the state of mind, a catharsis, a reflection of life and impossibility of return.

A line follows another line and forms an entity we do not recognize and that we cannot fragment. The drawing is about to end and the pen has less and less ink…”

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