2006 Dedicated to my grandmother, artist intervention

Dedicated to my grandmother is an intervention that is consisted of cleaning the monument. This monument was dedicated to women that were fighting for dignity, rights, and freedom of mankind, to women that were being forgotten. I wanted to remind the audience on activities of these women and to point out their positions and roles. I was doing this intervention for two and a half hours.

This intervention was performed during Exhibition- events „Progressive hopes “in the street Cara Lazara on the 10th July 2006. This monument is placed opposite of the Gallery „Chaos“.

The translation of the text on the monument is:

“Youth section of Women movement worked in this building during the period from1936 to 1940.

Women gathered in this section learned and fought for better life, dignity, and freedom of mankind.

As fighters, they become excellent and unique examples that are necessary for every time and for all generations.”

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