2010 Articulator, interactive project

11. sve je umetnost


7. pevam samo o ljubavi i slobodi

Articulator is trying to articulate relationships between the art world and the world that is not art.

As an instrument upon which it is named for, and that serves in dentistry, more specific in a dental technique to imitate a movement of a joint of maxilla and mandible of the person that needs to replace her/his teeth and articulates the movement of the jaw, project articulator is trying to define the relation between artists and non artists. Maybe they can learn something one from another.

Bringing in the thing that attracts the audience of the streets in a gallery we are placing out the happening on the street in the gallery and present it to the gallery audience.

Maja Beganovic

In a sociological meaning, articulator becomes from a Latin word articulate (lat. articulate) that means to articulate. In dentistry, there is an instrument called articulator that serves for imitation of the movement of maxilla and mandible of the person whose teeth needs to be replaced and articulates movement of the jaw.

With this project, we are trying to give the answer to the main problem in the contemporary art, which is that there has been a lack of communication between artists and the public.

The articulator is trying to articulate relations between the art world and the world that is not art.

Bringing in things that attract an audience in streets in galleries, we will show the cross cut of the happenings on the street of the capital of this country and level of the quality of things that interested audience.

Articulating between street performers and audience functions as an instrument that it is named for, it is trying to find a relation between layers of society and correct a proper movement. Correction of the communication between the audience and the artist is articulator.

Darko Trajanovic

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