2012 An Art interventions, intervention in space

polica 3_resize

Artistic interventions in a bookstore space, characterized by a subversive form of expression, are practically invisible.

Modifications in the bookstore window reintroduce forgotten titles that have been replaced by new ones.

Visitors of the bookstore do not notice a bookshelf with recommended books from where old titles were previously removed.

They also do not notice an empty shelf with a note: “recommended”.

In the bookstore space, these interventions are completely invisible; they seem to be marketing or contra-marketing moves.

Little pieces of art, postcards with the word “art” written on them, are being sold only as city souvenirs.

Combination of literature with other forms of artistic expression enriches the physical space.

The link between a gallery and a bookstore is art. Different artistic forms are connected by artists.

There is also an intervention in the space where the “art” from photographs moves to the real space.

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