2016 The Tethering/ Liberating


The Tethering – Liberating

Tethering contains release. We are being released of the tethering.
The darkness is just there where we did not let in (allow light).

This is a performance of liberating (releasing) and enlightening (illumination).

Tethering was the process that lasted. We were tethered for ages.

Everything that contains duality is not the real condition, because only the onness exists. And what preceded was a necessity of the things to the state of awakens and consciousness.

Janus loses the fight because past and presence are overcome with the present moment.

Everything is here and now. And that is liberating.



Sputavanje – oslobađanje

Sputavanje sadrži oslobađanje. Oslobađamo se sputavanja.

Mrak je samo tamo gde nismo pustili (dopustili svetlo).

Ovo je performans oslobađanja i osvetljavanja.

Sputavanje je proces koji je trajao. Sputani smo bili godinama.

Sve što sadrži dvojnost nije pravi odraz stvari, jer postoji samo jedno.

A ono što mu je prethodilo je bila neminovnost stvari do stupnja probuđenosti i svesnosti.

Janus gubi bitku, jer i prošlost i budućnost nadvladani su sadašnjim trenutkom.

Sve je sada i ovde. I to je oslobađajuće.


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